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Taraji P. Henson On Police Brutality: “We’ve Got To Deal With This…It’s Really Scary”

Taraji P. Henson may be all about the bling on Empire, but the actress has strong opinions about social issues in real life.

During a recent interview with the Associated Press, she weighed in on the McKinney pool party controversy and urges the public to do something about police brutality.

“I think it is time for people to stop being quiet about what’s going on and stop turning a blind eye to it. People of all color, if you see an injustice happening, say something. They always say it is not important until it affects you, but I do not know what parent in the world watched that video, I do not care what color you are, and did not feel some kind of way,” she said.

“Take race out of it. That’s a girl, that’s a young woman in a bikini and that man slammed her down; like she was no threat, what was she doing? It’s a big issue; we’ve got to deal with this. I do not know if we are becoming a police state. It’s really scary.”

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She also insisted that she’s not buying the notion that black women can’t be successful stars overseas.

“I am tired of Hollywood telling me what black people can’t do overseas and what can’t sell overseas, and black women can’t do this overseas,” she said.

“Well, I am over there and they know who I am; and they knew me before Cookie.”

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