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Terrence Howard Claims Ex-Wife Blackmailed Him With Nude Video & Pics!

Terrence Howard and his attorney are ready to battle his ex wife Michelle Howard saying that that she is blackmailing him with nude pics and videos so he gives in and gives her big bank, according to TMZ.

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If you remember, Terrence  who plays Lucious on the hit show has been served with docs from his ex-wife Michelle who demands NEW MONEY in addition to the $5,800 she already gets, according to TMZ.

Now that Empire is a ratings goldmine, Michelle wants to benefit from the show’s success. TMZ says her divorce stipulates she gets 21% of anything Terrance makes and he made about $1,625,000 for his 13 or so episode of Empire. Michelle claims Terrence pulled in $125,000 per episode on Empire, totaling $1,625,000, and this year he shot 13 episodes which means she gets about $341,250, according to TMZ.

Terrence and his attorney are now preparing legal docs to end Michelle’s spousal support, TMZ says. Michelle allegedly has pics of Terrence in the shower naked and five years worth of videos. I assume those videos may even score higher ratings than Empire!

Terrence’s lawyer Brian Kramer is saying Michelle was only entitled to half-a-year’s worth of spousal support (since they were married for ONE year). However, errence agreed to 5 years worth of support, which his lawyer is saying proves that he’s being blackmailed.

The drama continues.


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