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Terrence Howard Dishes About Difficult ‘EMPIRE ‘ Scene And His Upcoming Baby

If you’ve been mesmerized watching EMPIRE like the rest of us, then you were probably sick to your stomach after seeing Terrence Howards character Lucious throw his son in a trash can like he was last night’s garbage. Just because Terrance is an actor doesn’t mean that scene was easy to do. In fact Terrence went on Live with Kelly & Michael Wednesday and revealed just how difficult it was for him to do that scene.

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Terrence said the shocking scene was “difficult to shoot” but once it was a wrap and he got it just right, director Lee Daniels broke down and was brought to tears. It was a moment for the award-winning director where art was imitating his life because that scene was something Lee had actually lived through.

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While Terrence basks in the success of EMPIRE’s big ratings, he’s also getting ready to be a daddy for the fourth time. He dished and said his wife Miranda is expecting a boy in May and he’s a granddad again for the second time.

“My oldest daughter gave me a granddaughter two years ago and now I’ve got a grandson, Adrian, a week ago. It’s something else to become apart of something bigger than yourself. And then my wife, we’re due in May and I’m having another boy.”

If you think you have weight issues, Terrance revealed just how hard it was for him to lose weight for the EMPIRE role after he ballooned to 250 pounds for another project.

Watch him challenge Kelly & Michael to do a few push-ups in the video above.

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