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Mo Money, Mo Problems: Terrence Howard’s Ex Wife Demands Empire Salary Split

Michelle Howard is not having it with Lucious Lyon and wants a cut of the Empire just like Cookie!

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Terrence Howard who plays Lucious on the hit show has been served with docs from his ex-wife Michelle who demands NEW MONEY in addition to the $5,800 she already gets, according to TMZ.

Now that Empire is a ratings goldmine, Michelle wants to benefit from the show’s success. TMZ says her divorce stipulates she gets 21% of anything Terrance makes and he made about $1,625,000 for his 13 or so episode of Empire. Michelle claims Terrence pulled in $125,000 per episode on Empire, totaling $1,625,000, and this year he shot 13 episodes which means she gets about $341,250, according to TMZ.

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Not only that but she’s also gunning for Terrance other show Wayard Pines, which debuts on FOX this year too. She wants some of that money too.

Terrence betta’ have that money! Good luck with that!

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