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The Hair Apparent: Celeb Stylist Kim Kimble Builds a Beauty Empire

Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Mary J. keep her on speed dial. Black Twitter keeps her hit reality show trending. So what’s the secret to Kim Kimble’s success? Perhaps it can be found in the three words she uses to describe herself: “Humble. Loyal. Determined.” With a keen eye for fashion-forward hair design and sharp business instincts Kim Kimble is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after celebrity hairstylists, owner of two full-service salons, the CEO of Kimble Hair Care Systems and the star of her own reality show on WeTV. And she’s just getting started.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My schedule changes because I’m a freelance hairstylist as well as a business owner. Sometimes my day starts with of me getting up and making calls, doing interviews and checking e-mails before I head to the salon. A lot of days I have meetings about my brand or I’ll have a client come in to get their hair done.

I also have a 15-year-old son so I may have to take him to school or take him to a game. I’m a single mom so thank God I have help. My mom steps in and helps me out with him because I have a lot of things going on. When I’m really good I try to exercise so I’ll do that early.

What are three secrets to your success that you rely on to live your dream?

I’m a spiritual person so prayer is one of the things I rely on. Prayer does a lot for me. I’m acknowledging the goals I’m trying to set and the things I’m trying to do. Visualizing and writing things down are a big step.

You also have to put the work in to make your goals happen. Hard work is always going help you get something. I don’t think things fall out of the sky. Opportunities come and you have to be prepared for them. You have to work at making them happen. You have to work on your craft and create opportunities for yourself.

Another thing is you have to have a good reputation and integrity is important. Some people think you have to be vicious to be successful. I believe you reap what you sew. You do have to handle business and sometimes that means being stern and making tough decisions but at the end of the day being a good person is important.

Q: What has been your biggest mistake or obstacle you had to overcome and what did you learn from that experience?

My biggest obstacle is being a celebrity hairstylist. I love what I do and I’m an artist, first and foremost. I love it so much that I do it a lot. Being an entrepreneur is now my new love and being a business person is not something I planned for.

It’s like I have two full-time jobs. Learning to balance is important. There are some styling jobs I want to take that I can’t do because my businesses need me. You have to learn to grow and accept change.You have to learn how to deal with change. I’m learning about growing pains. I have to get out of what’s comfortable and go into new territory to achieve something else. It’s a good thing but it’s scary at the same time because you’re used to one thing.

I’m learning that I have to do things differently and think differently and if I want to achieve these other dreams and goals that I have. What I do brought me to where I’m at so I can’t turn my back on it.

Who are your personal heroes and why?

Madame C.J. Walker and Annie Malone. They were the first black women entrepreneurs in the hair care field and they did things I want to do. They were in the beauty industry and they had more challenges back then than we have now. They had success in a time when it was very difficult to be a woman and a black woman.

Michelle Obama. I look at her and she’s the first black First Lady and she’s so classy and smart. She’s into taking care of her health and she looks good. She’s strong.

My mother and my grandmother. They were hairdressers as well and they taught me a lot about the business. They brought me into the business. I wouldn’t be anything without them.

Finish the sentence I’m living my dream by…

I’m living my dream by following the vision that God put in me. I continue to dream. I think setting goals for yourself is healthy and it gives you motivation. When you conquer a dream you move on to the next one.

What’s your favorite quote?

A: “Healthy hair and style should coexist.” Your hair should be stylish and healthy at the same time.

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