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Throwback Thursday: Kandi Burruss, Aaliyah, & Foxy Brown in a Twit Pic

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As is Twitter-custom, every Thursday is Throwback Thursday or simply #TBT in the Twitterverse. Today, Kandi Burruss shared this photo with her Twitter fans and it completely took us back to the 90s when being a lady in hip-hop or R&B seemed like the best thing ever.

Kandi captioned, “#TBT I have no idea what year this was. At some party with Aaliyah & Foxy Brown. #RIP to Aaliyah. She was naturally beautiful!”

And she was definitely right!

Look at how young they all were and how much it reminds you of “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number,” “Just Kickin’ It,” and Foxy’s banger “I’ll Be.” Shoot, this picture makes us want to dig up some of our MAC Chestnut lip liner, a halter top, stretch boot-cut pants and just dance around the house! Where’s my Pro-Style gel?!

Definitely the best TBT shot of the day!


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