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Tia and Tamera Say Reality TV is Bad for Relationships


In an interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine, twins Tia and Tamera Mowry talk about their fears about “relationship curse” of reality television. The sisters have a sugar sweet reality show called Tia and Tamera that is nothing like the wine glass-throwing, table-jumping foolishness you see on other reality shows, but the ladies are still aware of that “relationship curse.”

Countless couples have gone onto reality television only to have the cameras there to ultimately document the disintegration of their relationships. “I can see why marriages deteriorate after being on a reality show for a while. At the end of the day, the reality show is a show, and they’re looking for conflict. For any relationship, always focusing on a conflict is not healthy,” said Tia to Sister 2 Sister magazine.

Do you believe there is a curse of sorts on reality tv couples or were the relationships just troubled from the start?

8 Responses to “Tia and Tamera Say Reality TV is Bad for Relationships”

  1. ZenChick

    I think there is a curse. I wonder what the real stats are for couples that have gone on reality shows and ended up getting divorced. That would be a good topic :-) Love the website!

  2. mslici

    I believe it’s a bit of both. Perhaps the relationship has some issues to begin with. In all actuality no relationship is perfect. The stress of the show and the opinion and scrutiny of the whole world doesn’t help. Everything is not for everyone. Being on a reality show makes your intimate relationship public record.

  3. joynjerzee

    This remnds me of what the older people used to say when you took a picture of yourself and didn’t like it; Their response would be, “The camera only took what it saw.”  Having said that, the reality show cameras are only showing wihat is already evident to most…”a jacked up relationship.”  I applaud Tia and Tamara for not parading their personal relationships on the air.  You meet their husbands, but most of the time, it’s about them!

  4. purple

    ‘If’ they believe this mess, and call it unto themselves, then it just might come to pass. But since Tamera says, “Jesus is her homey” on her Twitter site, then why not rely on ‘Him’, rather than what others have faced?? They’ve both said their christians, so rather than follow the lead of others in the reality show genre, how about they start calling on God/Jesus on at least one of their shows already? These women have trusted yoga, animal whisperers, etc. but I have yet to see them call on the Name of the Jesus they say they serve even once, for the help they really need. Not trying to hate on them just saying, “what’s up here”???

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