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Top 10 RHOA Reunion, Part 2 Moments: Kim’s Wigs, Kenya’s Booty, Kandi’s Baby Names and Phaedra’s Dirt

The second installment of The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s three-part reunion saga continued on Sunday night.  Thankfully, part two was more eventful than the first yawn-worthy hour. NeNe Leakes was ready to confront the ladies and throw some punches at “Wig” and “Big Nose.” Here, ten standout moments from the raging reunion.

1. Something Old, Something New. Nene is happily engaged to her ex-husband, but it turns out she blames the ladies for hurting her marriage with Gregg in the first place. She claims Phaedra spread gossip about Nene’s past relationship with Marlow’s boyfriend, Charles.  She also resents her insinuation that NeNe had a crush on Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter Thomas last season.

2. Lines in the sand. Nene thinks the newbies chose sides. Even though Sheree Whitfield and Kim Zolciak have left the cast, NeNe still feels a rivalry.  Now it’s pointed at Phaedra Parks, whom she says initially attracted allegiance from Kenya Moore.  She also thinks Porsha Stewart was persuaded by Phaedra’s supposed success from the start.

3. Booty blunders. Phaedra sidesteps her double-talking about everything from faking it in her marriage to talking smack behind people’s back. Apollo likes PDA, so Phaedra blames her husband’s preference for public displays of affection for her graphic make out session early in the season. The other ladies said she was overcompensating for her alleged marital problems. They also tried to call her on her conference call slip with Cynthia, but she insists it was just the curse of the donkey booty butt dial.

4. Scathing allegations. NeNe thinks Phaedra is “low down and dirty.” She alleges that Phaedra sought out her half-sisters to dig up information on NeNe in order to feign a past relationship with her.  “I would never in all my days of living, go and talk to the people you went and talked to,” she says. “You need to own up to your wrongdoing.” Phaedra is uncharacteristically speechless.  After much debate, Phaedra finally apologizes.

5. The return of Kim Z. Kim shows up sans wig to face the ladies for the first time since her hasty departure. The Don’t Be Tardy For The Party star said she wasn’t nervous despite her ongoing lawsuit with Kandi Burruss.  She didn’t do too much to defend her lists of random excuses for blowing off the other ladies all season other than saying she “didn’t have time” for the antics anymore.

6. Backstage banter. Host, Andy Cohen couldn’t resist pulling on Kim’s real hair.  He can’t get over how young she looks, saying she is more youthful than in season one.  Guess marriage and motherhood agrees with the former mistress.

7. Is Kim a racist? Kim says she didn’t mean any harm by her “bad neighborhood” comments about Kandi’s new home. Instead, she throws Sweetie under the bus for telling her the area was shady.  Nene contends that Kim has said racist things in the past, but also says she could just be ignorant.  Kim defends herself saying, “being on a show with five black women, everything I say gets magnified.” I don’t see color and I never have.”

8. Kim didn’t steal “Cash” from Kandi.  Kim pulls out paperwork proving that she had her baby’s name picked out long before Kandi.  The singer insists Kim stole the name from her, but Kim’s point that the show would have aired footage of that conversation if it existed was one of the only sound points she made.

9. Kim and Kandi show some love.  When Andy presses the ladies on their fallen friendship, they both agree they shared good times. They also admit that they have trouble communicating and their problems likely stem from that mutual flaw. “I wish I communicated with everyone more throughout the five years,” Kim says.

10. NeNe and Kim reunite. At first, NeNe seems doubtful that the two could rekindle their friendship, but after Kim credits her with much of her life’s blessings, she softens up.  Kim says she has respect for her former costar and both have benefitted from their relationship.  “ We make each other madder than anybody else, but if anybody is genuinely happy for me it would be NeNe.”  In the end, the frenemies hug it out.

BONUS: Porsha Stewart hardly made a peep into his episode, but previews of next week’s conclusion shows her in the hot seat about her “marriage” to Kordell Stewart.

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