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Twitter Roasts Mckinney Resident for Defending Cop in 10 HILARIOUS Posts

The man responsible for bringing police to a community pool in McKinney where Eric Casebolt unleashed his wrath on a group of unarmed black teens is getting deemed on social media for calling the cops.

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Sean Toon stands by his decision to call 911 on the teens who were merely celebrating the end of the school year when they were harassed by white women who told them to go back to their section 8 housing.

“Watching 30 seconds or seven minutes of a clip, it doesn’t tell the whole story. I think he did what he thought he had to do to control the situation,” he told USA Today.

Now, twitter is ablaze with #SeanToon911 hashtags poking fun at the whistle blower.

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Below, our top 10 favorites:

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