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Wow there are many I havent heard of, I just found LisavetVlogs who has a great video on how to grow your natural hair. Also BGPassions with her new journey. I'll check out the others too=)


  1. […] on someone’s front lawn through a window. (Kidding!) Here are a few of our fave holiday natural hairstyle […]

  2. […] Nikisha, one half of the glorious maned duo behind recently shared some of the stunning images from her wedding album, taken by the appropriately named RAD + IN LOVE. She chose a simple, classic strapless gown for the big day. […]

  3. […] be able to feature her in our Hair Council Chat series. In case you missed it, check her out in our Top Ten Natural Hair Bloggers And Vloggers Gallery and then click through to see which celeb’s strands she’d steal for a day, the […]