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EXCLUSIVE: Comedic Co-Parenting Tips from Kevin Hart’s Ex, Torrei Hart

Amy: What traits of yours do you see in your son and in your daughter? What are those traits that stand out that are totally 100 percent Torrei?

Torrei: My son is a daredevil and he’s not afraid of anything. That is definitely him. That’s how I was when I was young. My daughter she pretty much questions everything and that’s how I was when I was young too. It gets on my nerves because I’m like “I said so let’s just do it” and it’s always a negotiation. It’s always “Well mom, if I do this can I get this or how about if we do it this way.” I’m like “No negotiation unless you do it.” She’s the negotiator. Actually at the school they call her the mayor because she knows everybody. She knows the teacher and the janitor down to the 6th graders and she’s in 3rd grade but she knows everybody. That reminds me of myself.


Amy: Co-parenting is something that you and Kevin seem to do really well but it can be a tricky thing. It’s like an extra job juggling all the schedules. How have you two have managed to do it and do it well? Are there some tricks of the trade that you two have discovered over time trying to co-parent

Torrei: Definitely trial and error. Definitely now it’s been about two and a half years since the divorce. In the beginning it wasn’t this easy. Now we’re kind of like on a good schedule. We have a very good schedule. If we need to go off the schedule which is really all communication. Communication every single day almost every morning and just knowing what’s going on with the kid’s schedule. That’s pretty much it. I would have to say just daily communication.

Amy: That’s really awesome. I think that’s one thing that parents struggle with is the communication factor because you’re trying to start other relationships but you’re tethered to this person either texting or emailing so that the communication is definitely key.

Torrei: That does not work for me. I’m like look we have two kids. We have to stay in one accord and communicate. I’m just a stickler for that and it’s good he is the same way. It works for us. We both realize it’s about the children and so we make it work.

Amy: Would you suggest other parents who are trying to co-parent really get on board with sort of a flexible schedule versus like a rigid?

Torrei: You definitely have to be flexible because things come up all the time and if you’re flexible then when you need the other person will be flexible then they’ll be flexible for you too but you’re rigid and you’re not willing to bend then why would they bend for you then that’s when the problem comes into play. It’s all about flexible I think.

Amy: Because you are a writer and producer do you think that co-parenting will be the subject of a new film or comedic sketch. I feel like it’s ripe for one humor but to just a common American family to put on screen.

Torrei: I definitely thought of a book. I’ve been thinking about that. I haven’t mentioned this to anybody not even him yet. I want to start it and get it done but I definitely thought about that and I definitely think it could easily be a show because there’s so many blended families. It’s not like back in the day that you’re married for 40 years. My parents have been married for 40 years but unfortunately we got divorced. When I had a blended family it opened up a whole new idea for me to make a show based around that and I could definitely see that happening.


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