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Tracee Ellis Ross & Anthony Anderson Talk Black-ish, Rap Career and Teachable Moments

Is T-Murda Releasing a New Album?

Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson keep it real as they talk about their hit show black-ish with the ladies of The Real. 

Even though bits of the show is take from Anthony’s real life and the life of the show’s creator  Kenya Barris,  Anthony talked about how his kids sometimes are the brunt of jokes at school since their peers think the storylines are all about them. That’s not true, Anthony said. They are mostly about his childhood! Not his kids!

The two had fun with the ladies and Tracee joked about her so-called rap career. (No she doesn’t have one) But hear what she said about the raptress “T-Murda” that lies inside her. Hilarious.

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