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Tracee Ellis Ross Explains Why She and Her ‘blackish’ Husband Are “Perfect For Each Other”

Tracee Ellis Ross Flawless Skin

Tracee Ellis Ross is back at the top of her game thanks to her starring role in ABC’s black-ish and the actress is enjoying her second turn as a leading lady on the small screen.

“A very different group of eyeballs are seeing me. With ABC and the way we’ve been marketed, and the people that we’re reaching it’s a much broader audience than “Girlfriends” had. But mostly I think it’s the show that’s very groundbreaking,” she told TheWrap.

“For me, the thing that is the most groundbreaking about the show is that usually, African American families on television are families that happen to be black, and the stories are not told from that perspective. Our show is really about a family that is black, and although the show is not about that, it is told from that perspective. And the fact that it is being so well received across the board and accepted as just an American family is just great.”

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The actress dished about the on–screen chemistry between her and co-star, Anthony Andersen.

“I’ve heard it said that a successful couple is one where they’re both not crazy at the same time, and that’s really written into the show,” she said.

“We’re both not crazy at the same time, but one of us is always crazy. And by about the fourth episode, you start to realize, oh, Rainbow is just as insane as Dre. They’re perfect for each other.”

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