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CocoaPro: Master and Nike Trainer Deanna Jefferson Talks Health and Life Changes

Deanna Jefferson

Written by Nyaja Covington
Posted 06/02/13


Official Nike Trainer, Master Trainer, and owner of the Fab Body Factory chit chats with CocoaFab’s Nyaja Covington about the importance of healthy dieting, staying active, and looking FAB in your clothes. Deanna Jefferson dedicates time, commitment, and health education to all of her clients. The well-seasoned fitness trainer is now helping the CocoaFab team improve their health. With a little push and tough love Jefferson is sure to get the job done. The question is…Are you ready for the challenge?

On the secret to getting a Fab Body…

“The secret to getting a Fab Body is to diet, exercise, and keeping the motivation to continue a healthy lifestyle.”

On achieving the title of Master Trainer and Official Nike Trainer…

“I achieved the title of Master Trainer for the Fab Body Factory through my level of experience. Becoming a Nike official trainer came about through networking, going on many interviews with Nike, and producing a live demo class for the company.”

On managing a great body, work, and a social life…

“I keep a healthy body through my lifestyle. Eating healthy, exercising, is all involved in my work. There is a lot of time for my social life being that the clients I train either are friends of mine or we’ve become friends. I have the ability to have a flexible schedule, so that I can have free time.”

On giving advice to individuals lacking willpower to give up unhealthy foods…

“First you have to honor your body. Ask yourself if it is more important to feel that few minutes of happiness and harm your body? Be a food snob. If the food is not worthy of your body it is not worth putting in to your body.”

On keeping herself motivated and her clients…

“It doesn’t take much motivation for me, because this is the lifestyle that I want. I like being healthy and free of disease. I like feeling good and being able to wear the clothes that I want with no worries. As for my clients, they are mostly between the ages of 20 and 40, so the focus is more on appearance. They aim for having celebrity bodies and fitting into bikinis. This motivates them to continue working hard. Some of my other clients stay motivated for health reasons.”

On loving her body, or improvements needed…

“I’m content with my body, but I am always working to be better. There is always room for improvement. Overall, I am happy with my physical appearance.”

On juicing, detoxing, and eating clean…Are they healthy?

“Eating clean is the best form of dieting. It’s a sustainable diet that you can take with you for a lifetime. Juicing and detoxing are fine just to detox and get ride of the toxins, but it is not a lifetime diet. The effect of juicing and detoxing create a yoyo diet. The yoyo diet is when a person loses weight, lets say 15 pounds, and gains it all back in 2 weeks. Stick to eating clean.

On having fun and working out…

“It is most important to have fun while working out if you want it to be sustainable for a lifetime. A lot of people I know don’t like to run, do abs workouts, pushups, but there are other fun exercises to get a workout in. For example, take a Zumba class, do kickboxing, do something that you will love.”

On upcoming plans for Fab Body…

“I am doing Nike events which are continuing to grow. Recently, we just launched a new workout sneaker that I’m actually on my way back from. There will be more classes added to the Fab Body Factory. Growth of clientele for the Fab Body Factory in the upper Marlboro, Maryland area and also the Nike Store in Georgetown, DC. My goal is to reach the general public population through my celebrity clients. I feel the celebrities will promote a positive outlook on health consciousness.

On the CocoaFitnFab Challenge…

“The CocoaFitnFab Challenge is a 4 week program that will create a healthier person. There will be fitness challenges, mental challenges, and nutritional challenges. For example, with the nutritious challenge the participants will try a vegetable they never had or add at least one fruit portion to their meal. There will also be a prize giveaway every Monday to the person who is most active. Just to let you know fellow CocoaFab readers the new Blackberry Z10 cellphone is up for grabs!

On advice to becoming a trainer…

“Do your research. Make sure that you are up to date with training certifications. When I first was certified to be a trainer there was only one edition of the book I used to train. Since then, there have been 5 more editions, so stay current. Remember the most important goal is changing the client’s lifestyle. It is not all about the money.

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