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'Treme' & 'Middle of Nowhere' Actress Edwina Findley, "It’s been an amazing year!"

Over the past twelve months, actress Edwina Findley’s life has turned upside down. The “Treme” star had gotten comfortable being a small screen actress on a show with a cult following, and thought nothing of accepting about $100 per day to film a small indie flick while the HBO show was on hiatus. Little did she know that the low-budget film would turn into 2012’s most beloved indie, Middle of Nowhere. The Sundance award, Gotham award, NAACP Image Award nominations, critical acclaim, and nationwide distribution were all just big, juicy cherries on top of the sundae of success. Not to mention, Findley also married her best friend, Kelvin Dickerson, and landed a huge feature in the New York Times Wedding section last November… talk about a fairytale come to life.

Now Findley is back to shooting the final season of HBO’s “Treme” and gearing up for awards season. Just in time for the Golden Globes, Edwina Findley sat down with CocoaFab to talk about her wild ride.

CocoaFab: How is newlywed life treating you?

Findley: “It definitely has been busy. I was telling somebody yesterday that literally, my husband and I celebrated our one month anniversary and in that month we’ve seen each other one week and that’s been our honeymoon. It’s like we got married, went on the honeymoon and then it was back to New Orleans [to shoot “Treme”]. And even up to the wedding, it was, you know, going back and forth from New Orleans to New York.”

CocoaFab: That must put a strain on things.

Findley: “I’m just really grateful for marrying my best friend and marrying, you know, the man that I know God chose for me. We support one another, we understand one another and he’s just so encouraging.”

CocoaFab: What can you tell us about season four of “Treme”?

Findley: “You know everything is on lockdown. So I can’t get into any specific details, but what I will say is that it has been a page-turner for me. Anybody that’s worked in television knows that you don’t get the next script until you’re pretty much finished with the previous episode. So I don’t even know what’s gonna happen. And I’ve definitely been on pins and needles receiving each script, like ‘Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!’ So I will say that, especially for people who have become familiar with these characters, it’s gonna keep you on the edge of your seat this upcoming fourth season.”

CocoaFab: But sadly it will be the final season. Will it be hard to say goodbye to your character, Davina Lambreaux , and the rest of the crew?

Findley: “One of the things that I love about ‘Treme’ is that I get to work with the same creative team from my first show out of college, which was ‘The Wire’. That same kind of excitement and enthusiasm that people showed ‘The Wire,’ which was this urban experience in Baltimore, now we’re receiving in this Katrina experience in New Orleans. And so it is sad that this is the final season of the show, but I’m excited about the next adventure. Because I know David Simon and Eric Overmeyer and this amazing team have more stories to tell and I’m definitely interested in seeing what more they have in store.”

CocoaFab: Middle of Nowhere seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Everyone who sees it, loves it and critics are praising your performance.

Findley: “It was really a labor of love. You never really know what’s gonna happen with it or where it’s gonna go and I think it just came as a huge surprise to all of us that it got accepted into Sundance. And then we get to Sundance and then it wins at Sundance and then, you know, it has a theatrical premiere and it gets distribution. You know, so just that is enough to celebrate and then it ends up being nominated for all these awards and winning awards. I’m just so encouraged that our culture is now really paying close attention to arts from different places and from different voices, from new and fresh voices. It used to be that you had to follow a certain formula in order to be recognized critically or theatrically. But now it just feels like the doors are opening for fresh talent to come on the scene and really be recognized for the work that we do.”

CocoaFab: Exactly. And now the film is up for a few NAACP Image Awards. That’s huge.

Findley: “It blew my mind, honestly, is when Viola Davis told me that they had received the screener in the mail for “Middle of Nowhere” and that my performance was being considered for awards, that I was under consideration. And I said, ‘Really?’ And she and her husband were like, ‘Yeah.’ And so he came out and showed it to me, you know, and I was just like…’Wow, you know. Wow. Wow!’ As an artist, I mean, you just approach each role the best way that you know how. You try to bring integrity whether it’s paying a million dollars or whether it’s paying $100 or whether it’s paying $1, whether it’s not paying at all because of the love that you have for the craft, because of your belief in the project. I believe in the project and I just wanted to bring the most authentic, the most human performance that I could.”

CocoaFab: Are you eyeing an Oscar?

Findley: “I feel like we’ve already won our awards. The fact that this little movie that we made in, like, 19 days in LA and for it to have gone all over the country and just done what it has, for me that is the award. You know, and now that others are paying close attention to it and recognizing it, that’s another award.”

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