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Two snaps for Soledad! CNN Anchor Says The Calls Are A-coming.

It was just late last week when 46-year-old CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien said that she’d be stepping down from the network to start her own production company. And now? She tells TV Newser that she’s already received four pitches for documentaries and other long-form programming.

“I’ll consider all pitches,” she tells the site. “‘Excited’ is an overused word, but I’m excited to take this step.”

Soledad — famous for her “Black in America” specials for CNN will continue anchoring ‘Starting Point’ until May or June, the site reports.

But we’ll continue to see her brand on CNN for sometime, apparently. Her production company, Starfish Media Group, will launch in June and will produce three documentaries for CNN in 2014, including the ‘Black in America’ series. Soledad says she also can create content for other networks.

“CNN absolutely, positively needed to be changed,” she says in the interview. “People outside and inside the building knew that. (new boss) Jeff (Zucker) has done exactly what he said would do. For the people who are there, he’s going to be great. He brings a sense of focus and vision.”

Congrats, Soledad!

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