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Tyler Perry Talks Madea: “That Broad Is Going to Die A Quick Death”


In an interview with the Today Show’s Matt Lauer, director/producer/actor/writer Tyler Perry talked about his latest project “A Madea Christmas” alongside co-star Larry the Cable Guy. When the duo began talking about how far the Madea character has come and what’s next for Madea, Matt asked Tyler “Where do you see this thing going?”

In an interesting turn, Tyler Perry was very swift with his response. “I don’t know. You know, as long as people want to see if, she’ll be around,” said Tyler. “But the minute they stop coming, that broad is going to die a quick death.”

Both Matt and Larry busted out laughing, but both were visibly surprised by the response, especially given how popular the Madea franchise is. “It’s all about the people, Matt,” says Tyler. “The power is in the hands of the people at home.”

Clearly, Tyler is letting viewers know that as soon as they don’t want to see her anymore, he will stop writing and creating Madea features. Interesting!

Matt then followed up by asking, ” Have you started thinking about how you’ll kill [Madea] off?” And in similar quick fashion, Tyler says, “Yes. Madea’s Funeral…Welcome! That will be the name of the movie.” Instantly the camera pans to Al Roker who is off set but laughing hysterically. Quick to reassure fans, Tyler wraps up, “But for now, as long as people want to see her she’ll be around.”

Watching the interview, it seems like Tyler Perry is ready for his stint as Madea to end, but is very dedicated to her fans. It’s no surprise that he is probably looking forward to producing other, more advanced, projects. So, the power is yours, viewers/readers/supporters. When you want to see him do more, he will. When you want to see the exit of Madea, you can control that.

TELL US: Are you ready for Madea to retire and leave the big screen?

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