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Tyrese Demands Apology From Forbes Magazine Over ‘Green Lantern’ Casting Controversy

Fans of Tyrese recently began circulating drawings of the actor as the DC Comics superhero, Green Lantern. Tyrese has also been vocal about his interest in playing the role. He furthered the speculation that he had already been cast by posting the fan art on his Instagram where he has over 4 million followers.

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One of Forbes Magazine contributing writers, Benjamin Moore recently penned an article in support of superhero movies including more diversity. However, he suggested, Tyrese isn’t the right choice for the role.

Moore said that based on Tyrese’s previous work, he’s more of a comedic actor as opposed to a dramatic actor. And when the role Green Latern used comedic actor Ryan Reynolds for the 2011 reboot, it did poorly at the box office.

“Does that mean I think that Tyrese can only play Roman-like roles? Of course not. But if Warner Bros. does cast Tyrese as John Stewart/Green Lantern, I confess I’ll be profoundly concerned that they’ve decided to turn that character into the DCCU’s comic relief. That’s absolutely not who John Stewart is as a Green Lantern” Moore said.

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“[Reynolds] was a big mistake as well, but I think doing it to John Stewart/Green Lantern would be even worse. After all, we’re talking about one of the most important black superheroes ever. Get it right, people” he added.

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Tyrese has since taken to social media to rattle off his resume to Moore and demand an apology from the publication.

“Baby Boy? Four Brothers,? Waist Deep..? Black Nativity.? Annapolis? I’ve actually done more dramatic roles and movies then anything comedic – or charming- I’m an entertainer and were supposed to be use to people writing random blogs and stories – that’s fine…. Know your facts, and DO your research before your press that UPLOAD button… Especially on Forbes” Tyrese stated in his open letter.

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“I’ve provided your list of movies…. When you do your re-write… Since you decided to typecast me… I would appreciate an apology for writing this misinformed article…” he added.

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