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WATCH: Erica Mena Is Back With Cyn Santana; Says ‘We’re Not Lesbians!’

Erica Mena has been going back and forth between her lesbian lover, Cyn, and her ex man, Rich Dollaz, all season of Love & Hip Hop

Now, the outspoken reality star says she’s done with Rich and focused on her female, but she’s NOT a lesbian.

In a recent interview with Hot97, she and Cyn Santana set the record straight…sort of.

Cyn revealed she had never dated a woman before Erica but she’s learning the lesbian ropes from her lady love.

“I’ve kissed girls before, I’ve never been in a relationship with a girl. She kinda forced me, had me pinned to the wall. I wouldn’t consider myself a lesbian,” said Cyn.

“I’m very passionate too! She’s just way more experienced and I’m still stuck in my comfort zone.”

She also explained that both she and Erica are still attracted to men.

“We still like men. When she likes a guy, I know, and when I like a guy, she know, it’s like ‘Oh!  He’s cute’ and that’s it,” she said.

Check out the raunchy and revealing interview, above!

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