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Weaveology 101: Tami Roman Talks Weave Line & Top 3 Haircare Tips

Tami Roman

Tami Roman is constantly called a “weave-ologist” on her hit show, Basketball Wives. 

Now, she’s embarking on her own hair venture with her weave line,

CocoaFab caught up with the outspoken reality star to hear about her new venture and some tricks she has picked up from wearing weaves since the age of fifteen.

“I have been in the hair game for a while. After season 2 of ‘Basketball Wives’ I got into the hair game and there were certain companies where things didn’t work out between us business wise. I learned a lot about quality of hair, wefting, textures and all of that stuff. Now that I have the knowledge, I’m stepping out on my own and doing my own hair line again with”

Tami says she has tons of experience with wearing high-end hair.

“My hair may not have been great first season because I was recovering from financial hardship. But that doesn’t mean the two years my family suffered that experience thats what my whole life was. I was married to a professional basketball player and I have very nice things and beautiful clothes and I had a beautiful home and a very luxury lifestyle. Hair was one of those things that was always fabulous for me until I fell on hardship.”

She can also relate to women who have problems keeping up with expensive hair care regimens.

“It’s very competitively priced. I’m a bargain shopper. I will buy something from target and the Louis Vuitton store. I wanted it to be affordable for people out there like me. I come from a middle class household, a single mom, she worked 3 jobs and I always had everything I needed and some of the things I wanted. My mother never let me go without things I really wanted in my life. That working class person who cares about how they look and want to look fabulous, but doesn’t want to pay $400 for a bundle of hair. I think we did a great job at putting 100% grade A quality hair out there and it’s affordable.”

Here, Tami’s top 3 tips for maintaining healthy hair with a weave:

1. Make sure your stylist understands healthy hair. You’re putting something on top of your hair. You have to make sure there’s not a lot of tension at your temple areas. When I do sew ins I like for them to put the net on so when they attach the weave hair to my head it’s not directly on the braid, pulling and causing tension to my own natural hair. Weave hair can be very heavy. Depending on the length its gonna weigh you down.  If it’s attached directly to the braid and it’s weighing on the follicle, it can cause hair loss in the temple area. You have to make sure your stylist is knowledgable in application.

2. Keep your scalp oiled, conditioned and moisturized. Try not to scratch. That’s easier said than done. I get an astringent like sea breeze and when I want to cleanse my scalp ill take a hair dye applicator bottle and squeeze it down there and start the regimen all over again.

3. Do NOT leave it in too long. I would say 6 weeks. You can go up to eight weeks. Your hair naturally sheds on a daily basis. When you have a weave, you’re not allowing that natural shedding process. If you go longer than eight weeks, what’s gonna happen is a lot of hair loss . It’s all of that shedding you have not allowed your hair to do is going to happen at once.  You can end up with less hair than you started with in certain areas. Sometimes you can push it for 12 weeks. If you’re wearing your weave for fifteen weeks, you can end up doing more harm than good to your hair.

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