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Wedded Diss: Is Chrissy Ready to Walk Down the Aisle?

Will the beautiful bride walk down the aisle this season?

3 Responses to “Wedded Diss: Is Chrissy Ready to Walk Down the Aisle?”

  1. BRINA

    chrissy needs to go ahead and marry jim…she wanted to get married, not she dont…is she confused or what….chrissy if you can read this….get married and have your baby….and press forward…nothing is perfect…enjoy life…it is not promised tomorrow…

  2. frances711

    Chrissy and Jim truly love each other. I just think they should make up their minds and do the thing right. Make it official, and marry the man, girl! Just saying

  3. DonnaHenson14

    I know that Chrissy and Jim love each other but after all that they have been through, maybe she should just cut her losses if she’s not happy in the relationship anymore.Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, you just grow in different directions,and although Chrissy is a true ( ride or die chick) at this point she should love herself more. Life is to precious to spend it with someone who is clearly not meeting your needs anymore.Do you girl and try not to die with any regrets, if this were your last day on earth, can you truly say that you were happy that you stayed with Jim dispite everything?


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