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WHAT?! One Of Your Favorite #Scandal Characters Was Killed Off!

If you watched Scandal last night, then you already know the only thing that really mattered in the most recent episode was the last 30 seconds.

And if you didn’t watch Scandal last night, you STILL know (by now) that the only thing that mattered was the last 30 seconds. In the last week, the popular ABC show hyped that you mustn’t blink because something major, some curve-ball something was coming and it was going to blow us all away.

And it did.

Cyrus finally realized — in the closing minutes of the show — that it was his hubby James who was the rat, leaking information to a reporter about what really happened to Sally Langston’s husband. But in a creepy, romantic, grand-sweeping motion, Cyrus doesn’t get mad. He understands. He’s in tears as he confesses and realizes that he’s all to blame for his husband’s dirt spillage.

But Jake. Oh, Jake. He’s in deep as the new head of B613.

Jake is the one who calls an impromptu meeting in the streets, and killed both women who knew Publius’ true identity. Then … the moment we’ve been waiting for happens.

Jake turns his gun at both James and David, and fires one off.

The screen fades to black.

We do not know which character was killed (or truthfully if one was killed) because in the teaser for next week, all we know is someone got shot. But we’ll have to wait until next week to find out who!


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