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INTERVIEW: Will Gloria Govan Return to ‘Basketball Wives LA’? She Tells Us!


At this past weekend’s BET Awards, the Basketball Wives were out in full effect. Malaysia Pargo was hanging out at the Beauty is Love lounge while Draya Michelle and Jackie Christie posed for pictures together at a party. All of this begs the question: will Basketball Wives LA reunite for another season?

After an explosive last season where everyone seemed to be mad at each other and especially mad at Jackie Christie, the fate of the hit reality show was in question. But I caught up with head wifey in charge, Gloria Govan, to get the skinny on what’s happening with the ladies.

The wife of LA Clipper’s Matt Barnes sat down for an interview as a part of her feature for Ebony Magazine’s July issue, on stands now, to dish on the state of Basketball Wives LA and the root of the problems!

Amy Elisa Keith: Give me an update on Basketball Wives. What’s happening? Coming back or not?

Gloria: It’s not coming back. LA Basketball Wives isn’t coming back and if it does they’ll have to revamp the whole cast. I think only two people will come back. It’ll probably be Draya and Jackie if anyone else will come forth from the last previous cast.

Amy Elisa Keith: Are you ready to move on?

Gloria: I felt like I had outgrown it. I just felt all right. It’s like your training wheels and yes, I’m good. I don’t need those anymore. I didn’t like not having control over what I saw on TV. You would go through a whole scene and what you see on TV are like say what? That’s what was really frustrating especially for Matt especially when they did a lot of him and I. That’s not how that went down. They really turned it. We didn’t ever know it was going to be shown. I would have knots in my stomach trying to figure out am I going to have a press release ready.

Amy Elisa Keith: That sounds stressful.

Gloria: It was a lot and you’re always like walking on egg shells. It was like oh my gosh. I never watch it. I always catch up because of Twitter. Twitter would always kind of keep me posted on what happened so it was a lot but I’m happy to have it behind me.

Amy Elisa Keith: Would you and Matt ever do reality television again?

Gloria: Yes, I think we would especially if we have control over our image. That was really the main thing we just didn’t have control but I think we would totally do it again.

Amy Elisa Keith: Really?

Gloria:  Yes, we would.

Amy Elisa Keith: [Matt] seems like the kind of person [who] wouldn’t want the cameras around.

Gloria: He was not into Basketball Wives. He hated Basketball Wives. He was not a fan. He hated Basketball Wives like every part of it. He was always like ‘hell no.’

Amy Elisa Keith: Did that take a toll on your relationship?

Gloria: I feel like the first couple of years I wanted to but then we moved to LA and I realized that it was kind of taking a turn for the worst but I couldn’t get out of my contract. We’re stuck on it, but it did [take a toll]. Our relationship was headed there anyway but it didn’t help but of course the way they portrayed us was just like was just absolutely ridiculous. It was such a contrast. At first it was like they have this perfect relationship and then when we came to LA, it was uh-huh he’s cheating on her and she ain’t shit. It was just like damn. It was really hard those back and forths. It didn’t help with our relationship at all.

Wow! Seems like not everyone benefits from reality television. Sometimes, the cameras do more harm than good.

But from the looks of Instagram and Twitter this past weekend, the ladies of Basketball Wives LA may be moving forward without Glo. But we have no doubt that the drama, diva style and drink throwing will continue amongst the ladies. Stay tuned to CocoaFab to find out if the cast reunites for one last season!

Read more about Gloria’s life with hubby Matt and her sons in this month’s issue of Ebony Magazine where she invites readers into her home for an all-American Fourth of July bash!

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