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Will Smith Reveals Why Willow Won’t Be Starring In Annie; Insists The Smiths Are NOT The Kardashians

Will and Jaden on NY Mag

And now for your daily Smith Family news …

Will Smith and Jaden cover New York Magazine, and the elder Smith recently took issue with being asked if his family was like the Kardashians.

(Sidebar: this was a real question?!)

To that, Will says “For our family, the entire structure of our life, our home, our business relationships—the entire purpose is for everyone to be able to create in a way that makes them happy,” he explained to the New York magazine. “Fame is almost an inconsequential by-product of what we’re really trying to accomplish. We are trying to put great things into the world, we’re trying to have fun, and we’re trying to become the greatest versions of ourselves in the process of doing things we love. So the idea of fame or exploitation or orchestrating the media is sometimes even less than desirable for us.”

Yes. All of that.

Will also says that while Jaden is going full throttle with his acting career, Willow pressed the breaks. Also: Will and Jada are NOT pushing their kids into show biz, he adds.

“It may seem like we have pushed our kids into the business, but that is absolutely insane,” he said. “I would never, ever, push somebody to have their face on a poster that’s going be everywhere in the world.  He is making a choice from the informed. I have relationships with some of the biggest filmmakers and actors and producers on Earth. So I can be a huge help.”

So what about Willow?

“Willow chose singing and then un-chose it. She said, ‘Daddy, I want to go to school with my friends during the week, and I want to hang out with them on the weekends.’ At the peak of “Whip My Hair,” she’s like, ‘Daddy, I’m done.’ I was like, ‘Wow, wow, wow. No, baby, I got Annie [the upcoming movie remake, co-produced by Jay-Z], you know. It’ll be New York, you’ll be with Beyoncé. You can bring your friends.’ And she said, ‘Daddy, I got a better idea. How about I just be 12?’ At the end of the day, it has to be their choice.”

Wow. That Willow sure sounds mature!

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