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Yolanda's Real Housewives Recap


The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Unmoved

The show opens with more moving drama concerning Kim and her family. Kim’s moving out of her “dream home” isn’t going smoothly at all. She is intent on moving out of what she is now referring to as the “haunted mansion” saying the place has bad energy. Kim evens throws a tantrum in front of the movers who have haphazardly boxed up all her stuff.  Kandi on the other hand is looking forward to her move and while talking to her mom says she is not feeling any sadness at all in moving. Her mother hints that she thought her and Kandi would be moving in together even saying that her home (which she has been in for over 30 plus years) does not have enough room. Kandi though does not feel that moving in with her mommy is the best way to start off a new relationship. Kandi also goes on to tell her mom about the comments Kim and Sweetie made about the neighborhood she is moving in to. I liked Kandi’s dig in her one on one. She said,   “At least all the people in my neighborhood “own” their homes”. Take that Kim!

Phaedra’s son Aidan goes to get his first haircut. Aidan is not thrilled at the idea so Apollo (who is a master barber by trade… who knew?) starts cutting his hair to get him comfortable with the idea before Rocky the barber takes over. Phaedra wants Aidan to look dapper for his 2nd birthday party at the Georgia Aquarium. Aidan and guests will be treated to a private dolphin show and said party is said to be in the $20,000 range. Apollo and Rocky both think that is a tad extravagant for a two year old, but according to Phaedra, Aidan is not your ordinary two year old. Whatever! I’m with Rocky, the barber, who said to give the kid a party at Chuck E. Cheese and be done with it!

Newcomer Porscha and hubby Kordell discuss the incident with Kenya over breakfast.  Porscha feels that there is no way that she will ever be friends with Kenya and accuses the beauty queen of having low self esteem. Kordell does school Porscha on the differences between Miss USA and Miss America and says that they will work out their differences. Porscha disagrees.

Kenya finally brings her man Walter to meet her family over dinner.  Walter tells them a little about himself and how he became acquainted with Kenya through a mutual friend.  Walter is very honest when he speaks on his feelings about marriage after having been married before. He claimed he loved his former wife, but wasn’t “in love” with her. Kenya’s auntie likes his responses, praises his old fashioned values, and gives Kenya the thumbs up on their relationship.

I love Dwight and was glad to see him back as Phaedra’s party planner for Aidan’s birthday party.  Dwight and Phaedra “coordinate experiences” not parties, so of course there was a train which Phaedra and family rode in on and a marching band. Kim calls to say she isn’t coming to the party that was no surprise to Kandi and Phaedra since Kim is a no show at most events nowadays.

One of my favorite quotes of the night belonged to Phaedra:  “Those who can.. do, those who can ..dream, those who can’t… hate.  Phaedra is a doer. Love her or hate her, the woman knows how to throw a party for her kid, and if this had been one of the other franchises (Beverly Hills for instance), the extravagance of a private dolphin show for a two year old would not be given a second thought. The only thing is Phaedra’s “experiences” are all day events which leaves the partygoers and birthday boy sleepy.

I hope Sweetie is being paid well.  Kim is a handful to deal with and with Kroy off at Falcon’s camp, it’s just Kim and Sweetie managing the move. Well Sweetie is managing the move, Kim is just standing around giving orders like some crazed, pregnant overseer.

Nene and Cynthia went to the dog park talking about how Kim dissed Nene at Cynthia’s event and her housing woes. Nene, looking to stir up some ish, reveals to Cynthia a conversation that was accidentally recorded when Phaedra butt dialed one of Nene’s friends.  The conversation pretty much summed up Phaedra’s feelings on Cynthia coming to Aidan’s birthday party in a nutshell.  I am not going to print what she said, but let’s just say Cynthia not being at Aidan’s bash wasn’t a big loss to Phaedra.

Kenya plans a romantic dinner for her and Walter. Of course Kenya’s ploy to come off as Miss Domesticity to Walter is just so she can sell herself as wife material. She even goes as far as saying the dinner she prepared (which really came from Trader Joe’s and cooked in the microwave) is what he can expect if they get married. The poor guy can’t even get though a meal without Kenya begging for a ring and a baby.

Cynthia confronts Phaedra over lunch about her comments about not giving  a ### about Cynthia coming to Aidan’s birthday party. Of course like any good attorney Phaedra knows how to lie and deny, not to mention change the subject. I give Cynthia kudos for handling it in a classy fashion and bringing Aidan a belated birthday gift.

Kim and company arrive back at her old townhouse and of course Kim is complaining about the place being a mess. The movers arrive with the trees she planted at the Haunted Mansion in the back of a truck. This was Kim’s petty revenge for being evicted and being made a fool of on social media by Kendra, the owner of the Haunted Mansion.

From the previews for next week, it looks as though the episode will be quite entertaining. Cynthia and Nene meet Porscha for the first time and the ladies all confront Kim about her behavior.  Stay tuned…

— Yolanda Lewis

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