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Your Guide to Columbia: Finding the Best Gets in Cartagena

If you want to travel abroad but long for a place that’s not over populated and quite picturesque then Cartagena Columbia is perfect. While it’s far from perfect Metanoya Webb, of the, highly recommends Cartagena because of its true beauty, tropical temperatures, succulent seafood and the preservation of its unique history that spans more than 400 years.

Here’s what Cartagena has t offer:

  • A cool local art scene. Metanoya copped a few unique canvases.


  • Great food – Directly across the street from Metanoya’s hotel was the cutest little eatery with outdoor seating, ice-cold AGUILA and the type of meals you would most likely find in your mom or grandma’s kitchen. This is pescado sierra frito, patacones, arroz con coco and ensalada.


  • Museum hopping and sidewalk shopping

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